Baby carriers & slings

What an Ideal Baby Carrier looks like?

Buying a baby carrier can be a hard task. With so many options to choose from, it is somewhat difficult to narrow down the list to one. There are many things that you should consider before choosing the right baby carrier for your kid.

Some essential features needed in a baby carrier

Comfortable – Comfort is important for both you and the baby. The seat of the baby carrier you buy should allow your baby’s legs to be in the hip-healthy “M” position. The baby carrier should be properly padded and have lumbar support if you plan on carrying your baby for extended periods.

Long lasting – A baby carrier should be able to last a good couple of years. If you want a carrier that will do just that for your toddler then you need a carrier that will be able to accommodate a higher weight and has front-facing positions. Consider a baby carrier that creates a cosy and comfortable environment for lots of cuddling.

Ease of use – There are different types of carriers and all of them have their procedure of usage. A wrap on involves a multi-step process, while ring slings and soft structured carriers are much easier to put on.

1) Make sure you have understood and reviewed the direction of usage for a carrier before you make the purchase.
2) Wraps and slings are transportable and can easily be tucked into a nappy backpack while structured baby carriers are usually bulky.

Fit – The fit of the carrier is important to make sure that you are comfortable. Some carriers can adjust to the body type of the individual wearing it while others are true to one size. This becomes an issue if you are planning on sharing the baby carrier.

Easy to wash – Babies are messy. Cleaning up the spit up and droll can be a challenge. You need a carrier that will be easy to clean and take care of. It is also important to note that not all carriers are machine washable. Thus, it is best to check labels for washing instructions.

All seasons – The baby carrier will only be comfortable when it keeps the needs of the parent in mind. Lightweight fabric and breathable mesh are best for the summer seasons while in the winters, it is best to use a heavily padded or knitted carrier.

What Types of Baby Carriers are There

Baby Carrier Types

Baby carriers are of different types. To be precise you have around three options to choose from. When you are shopping for a carrier it is important to remember that newborn and older babies have different needs and wants.

A newborn is likely to cuddle close to the parent and rest his/her head on the carrier’s chest. Whereas, an older baby would want to stretch out its legs and explore the world more.

This is why many families invest in two baby carriers. On for the newborn stage. Usually, at this time, a baby sling is preferred. A soft structured carrier is preferred for older babies. You can also just buy one and adjust it to the changes that occur in your baby over time.

Structured baby carrier ( Best for 4-36 months old )

Soft-structured carriers are designed to keep older babies in mind. However, this carrier can be altered to fit newborn babies as well. Extra padding and adjusting the straps are great ways to make this carrier newborn baby friendly.

Here are some of the most important features of structured baby carriers:
1) Soft-structured carriers are not as snuggly as a wrap. However, they are faster to put on.
2) These carriers are provided with padded straps and waistbands which gives support when you’re carrying an older (and heavier) baby.
3) You can also use this baby carrier for newborns with the help of additional support.
4) Higher weight limits allow you to carry your baby for a long time. Some of these carriers can support the weight of your baby even in toddlerhood.
5) A forward-facing option is also available. This is great if your baby is curious and wants to see the world.

Baby slings ( Best for 0-12 months old )

A wrap or cloth sling is a long rectangular piece of fabric. You wrap it around yourself and your baby to create a carrier. Here’s what you need to know about cloth baby slings.

The design of the wrap resembles a swaddle. This is comforting to a newborn because it gives a feeling of the womb to the child. However, this type of carrier is too restricting for older babies.

If you are looking for only one baby sling then this is the most commonly used. It can easily be changed to fit different body types and is a one-size-fits-all baby carrier.

Ring slings

Ring slings are made from one piece of fabric that’s worn across your torso and loops through two rings on your shoulder. This sort of design creates a pouch where your baby can sit comfortably.

Some pros and cons of baby slings
1) They are easy to use and economical.
2) These carriers are great for hotter climatic conditions because they allow proper airflows.
3) They are strenuous for the carrier because they don’t distribute the weight evenly. The entire pressure from the sling will be concentrated on your shoulder.
4) Slings are made up of delicate material. Machine washing can warp the fabric that is why it is advised to hand wash them instead of machine washing.

It is hard to choose the right carrier for you because there are so many options to choose from. There is something available for everyone and their needs. You just have to understand all the different types and get the one best suited for yourself.