Black & grey nappy bags

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    Brand – Alameda Included – 1pcs.nappy bag + 2pcs.stroller strap + 1pcs.changing mat Large capacity – A fairly spacious backpack (size: 42x21x32 cm), with 14 (fourteen) pockets, this nappy backpack is useful for carrying everything you need for your baby. 5 Internal large pockets to keep nappies, clothes, all well…

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    Brand – Aimababy Simple But Versatile Design – With a variety of open pockets and zip locks with 3 thermal bottle carriers, large weekend nappy bag has an ergonomic design, it’s roomy and perfect size for a family vacation, but can be used as a hospital bag for baby arrival.…

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    Brand – Insular Package Included – nappy bag, bottle insulation bag, 2 stroller strap, mini storage bag & changing pad A variety of uses can be used as a stroller bag, one shoulder bag, tote bag, easy and portable to lift. Made with durable and water-resistant polyester, which is healthy…

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    Brand – Qimiaobaby Package Included – Changing mat, insulated bottle bag, wrap pad & stroller straps. All-in-One Design – A modern changing bag (Size: 45x31x16cm), with one insulated sleeve and 2 stroller straps. Our high-capacity backpack can organize all baby items during an outdoor trip or picnic. Neat and well-organized…

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    Brand – Colorland Innovative design – This dining convertible nappy backpack or (booster bag) has innovative and safe design, baby can sit in more comfortable way and learn to eat independently. Bag is good when you are travelling somewhere or someone’s house. Storage – The backpack has one storage compartment…

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    Brand – Colorland Durable and functional – The large changing bag is made of polyester material and interior with easily washable fabric. All in one design, a portable changing bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. Very spacious – Multiple pockets for baby essentials, including a large main compartment with two-way…

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    Brand: Poso Great capacity – Backpack is practical and capacious, suitable to carry everything you need for the baby. You can arrange the bottle of milk, water bottle, children’s clothes, baby diaper, towel etc. Bag dimensions are – length 33cm x thickness 26cm x height 46cm. Organized – Baby diaper…

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    Large capacity and multifunction – The changing backpack has one main compartment and so many versatile pockets to store your essentials. 4 insulated bottle holders, and one insulated sleeve for big bottle. Front and back pockets allowing you to organize effortlessly when traveling. Bag dimensions are – H 42cm x…

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    Capacious & multi-functional – At front there are three insulation pockets, a large inner compartment & other mini ones can hold all the necessary items. One side pocket is for tissues and the other is for a water bottle. A very valuable ally for moving with the baby. Spacious, and…

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    Accessories included – Extendable rods, changing mat & adjustable shoulder strap. Large capacity – The total dimensions of the nappy bag are about 51 x 27 x 13 cm, the size is just right. The interior and exterior are adequately separated from each other, which provides enough space for the…

Nappy bag styles

What Type of Nappy Bags are There?

There are several different types of nappy bags. Nappy bags that are in the shape of a backpack are a great hand-free option. You can also wear it on your back and carry your baby with you in the front. You can also buy a messenger bag. These have one long strap that can be with a crossbody and can also be worn over the shoulder. Tote bags are large and spacious and have two long straps that can be carried over your shoulder. Choosing colour is also important, dads will never going to use girly colored bags they normally prefer black nappy bag, black nappy backpack or grey ones, normally grey nappy backpack, or a messenger bag and other neutral colours so its better to buy neutral colored bags.

What Makes a Good Nappy Bag?

Nappy is great and have a ton of features. But what does make a good nappy bag? There are many great varieties available when it comes to nappy bags. The most important thing to remember is that they meet your needs and requirements. There are a few features that you should keep in mind before you purchase a nappy bag.

  • Size: As a mother, you would know the importance of space in a nappy bag. A nappy bag should be at least big enough to hold diapers, wipes, and bottles for the baby. If, however, you want a nappy bag that has all the essentials that you might need than you would need a big which is bigger. It should have a place for extra clothes, toys snacks, a burp cloth or a swaddle, pacifiers and hand sanitisers.
  • Pockets: There is no one that better understands the importance of pockets than a parent going through a happy bag and not finding the right thing. Having a lot of pockets will help you stay organized. Some baby bags are made with special features that include pockets to carry your phone or other electronic devices. And other pockets to keep bottles, clothes, and pockets where you can keep all the stuff that baby has spoiled like clothes.
  • Stroller Straps: Nappy bags are also designed with straps that are very beneficial for people who would rather carry a nappy bag on their shoulders than their hands.
  • Changing pad: A feature that makes a nappy bag great is a changing pad. Changing pads can be removable or not. These fold outright from the bag in case of an emergency.

Features of the perfect nappy bag?

Nappy Bag Features to Consider

  1. Plenty of Space: The more spacious the bag, the easier it is for you to handle. Size matters a lot for a bag and makes it idealistic.
  2. Easy to Clean: As babies tend to make a lot of mess. Dirty nappies and clothes, leaky bottles, are just to name a few. So, you would want a bag that is easy to clean.
  3. Ergonomic: A bag needs to be ergonomic because comfort matter a lot especially if your bag will be full all the time.
  4. Can be shared by everyone: A nappy bag should be selected keeping in mind that it has to be carried by not just you but others as well, for example black nappy bag can be shared by everyone.

Some extra features that will make your nappy bag experience the best

  • Insulated Pockets: Insulated pockets are great to keep your bottles, water and snack at a cool temperature.
  • Changing Pad: A changing pad can make your life a lot easier. A bag with a changing pad can easily be used to change the diaper of the baby.
  • Lots of Pockets: the organisation is one of the most important things that will make your life a lot r as a parent. There is nothing that will give you more organization than lots of pockets. Baby stuff comes in different shapes. To protect all the small stuff and easily locate them, you need pockets. Using a bag with a lot of pockets will save a lot of your precious time.
  • Stroller Clips: Nappy bags with stroller clips are very useful and can make your life a lot easier. You can attach the nappy bag using the stroller clip to the stroller and give ease to your shoulders.

Some Considerations

  1. If you are planning on focusing more on bottle-feeding then a nappy bag with insulated pockets is very important for you.
  2. If you are a city person who has to use a stroller for your baby then you would want a bag that does not get in your way. This is why a backpack is a great option for you. If your spouse also wants to use it then go for gender neutral bag like black nappy bag some prefer grey nappy bags.
  3. If you are having twins or have more than one kid with a small age gap then you should consider buying a large bag to carry all the essentials.